VIP 260 OverHead Tile Saw 115v

Bridge saw / Tile saw with the motor and blade fitted on a smooth running rail. The bridge saw cuts from above so a greater degree of accuracy can be achieved. The tile doesn't have to slide on the table or run against guides, the almost friction free bridge saw sliding motor gives excellent precision.

Single and double fired ceramic, porcelain and stone all easily cut with a VIP Bridge Saw.  Large tiles and stone slabs fit on the table, and the bridge saw motor and blade glide over. Adjustable depth cutting allows a number of cuts to be made on precisely the same line so even the hardest and thickest material can be cut.

The Bridge Saw guide allows accurate cutting of tiles at any angle.  Angle cuts are easily set with the adjustable guide allowing an infinite number of repeatable cutting possibilities. This include plunge cutting to make cut outs for electrical fittings, sockets etc.

The rail tilts to allow mitre cuts up to 45°The Bridge Saw motor and blade can be tilted to make angled mitre cuts with great accuracy. Tile edges can be perfectly profiled to form external corners of angle. The over head bridge saw design means mitres can be added right on the edge of tiles.

      • Accurate straight, angled or mitred tile saw cuts
      • Sliding Bridge Saw cutting head and motor
      • For perfect cuts in marble, stone, single and double fired ceramics
      • Switch incorporates safety NVR, to prevent accidental starting
      • Supplied with “Any angle” cutting fence
      • Supplied with a high quality continuous rim diamond blade
      • Sturdy, integrated legs for a comfortable working height



Power Blade Diameter Max cutting Thickness Max Tile Size Max Tile size for 45o Sound HAV Level Weight
1.0kw 200mm 40mm 650mm 650mm 79.8dB 1.15m\sec 2 34kg



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